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It was established in 2000 to manufacture aluminum joinery, PVC doors and windows, and double glazing. In 2004, the second company established under the name of ÇERMİKLER İMALAT İNŞAAT TEKSTİL SANAYİ TİCARET LTD.ŞTİ. and started to produce NITRILE RUBBER PVC GASKET in the sector as CONTACALL.

 The firm that constantly improves its field of activity; PVC joinery seals, aluminum joinery seals, steel door seals, wooden frame and wing seals, vent ventilation seals, trace and edge band seals, fuel tank belt seals, fire smoke seals, fireproof steel door seals, CO-EX joining seals and TPV gasket It provides services in its fields, continuously develops its product and service area and manufactures the production of PVC Compound within its own structure and provides its own raw material supply and provides solutions to PVC Compound users in its own R & D and produces and offers it for sale. Turkey, which is spreading fast in general and Çermikli having an important market abroad, TSA and has accelerated CONTACALL Brand with ISO quality certificates and brand advantage of all the opportunities of technology to move the summit to customers of all needs is committed to producing the highest quality and economical way. ÇERMİKLER, always aiming for the future with its management team and expert working staff; It reveals its difference in the sector with the principles of self-confidence, business follow-up, timely delivery, quality service, interest, smiling face, customer satisfaction and keeping promise even to the detriment of it.