Intumescent Seals

When the hot smoke seal is exposed to the fire, depending on the intensity of the temperature, the gaps in the frame and the wing swell in a period of 45 and 60 minutes, preventing the passage of smoke and flame. Different widths and desired sizes can be produced according to the condition of the area used.

Intumescent seals provide insulation to prevent smoke and flame leakage by swelling an average of 10 to 40 times at the high temperature that occurs during the fire.

Intumescent Technology

The purpose of the development of products with intumescent properties is to stop or delay the fire before it starts. It is activated before active fire extinguishing systems. The intumescent material expands by 1/40 - 1/100 by releasing water vapor and non-flammable (harmless) gases from 120 - 175 ° C and closes the existing gaps by forming a soft protective layer.

This expanding layer filters the heat and reduces the heat transfer to very low levels. It prevents the formation of a fire triangle made up of heat, air and gases. According to the type of material used, it delays the transition to the flammable gas release phase for the predicted periods.

Fire Insulation

When it comes to fire prevention and delay, the first thing that comes to mind is warning systems such as sprinkler (fire extinguisher) and smoke detectors. All these are called "Active Protection Systems". However, along with active measures, structural measures should be taken to delay the harmful effects of fire, prevent the fire from spreading inside the building and to neighboring buildings, and allow people to evacuate from the fire environment quickly and safely.

Structural measures aimed at controlling and limiting the harmful effects of fires in buildings and ensuring the safety of life and property are called "Fire Insulation".

Fire doors, which are one of the structural precautions, should be designed very well in accordance with the laws and regulations, and should delay the spread of flame and smoke without preventing the evacuation of people and goods of importance. Fire-resistant doors should have features that prevent the passage of ignition, flammable gases and cold smoke in the first stages of the fire. When exposed to intense heat and flame, it should prevent the passage of flame and smoke from one area to another.

In this way, the use of fire seals produced in accordance with international standards is of vital importance, especially in areas open to the use of large masses, plazas, shopping centers, public buildings where fire hazards may be exposed., which has a wide range of wood, metal and glass fire doors, is committed to providing service by keeping the satisfaction of our customers and business partners always at the forefront with its technical support.

 Fire Seals

Our fire seals do not contain any toxic substances that can threaten human life in any way.

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